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# HashTags – What Are They? Why Use Them?

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#hashtag tutorial >> what is it (and no you don’t put into a pipe), and why should I use one or more?

“hashtags” are a phenomenon of the open web, and more specifically of Twitter’s role in live search…

Using hashtags enables two key features: 1) it creates a live feed, if you “tag” your post with the chosen #hashtag…. for the event or conversation; and

2) a #hashtag also allows you to search after a “live” event, and retrieve all posts so tagged with the event’s hashtag.

The use of a #hashtag builds an aggregate repository of posts all themed to the subject of the event or conversation.

Also, since no one “owns” a #hashtag, anyone can contribute at any time….there is no “moderator” per se…thus it produces a purely organic and occaisionally chaotic experience based on buzz level in the stream!

For students, or researchers, it’s an excellent aggregator of links and ideas, all forged with alchemy that is topic or tag driven.

A live feed generated by a #hashtag creates a “real time room” of sorts…my favorite “room” monitoring tool = http://hashtags.org/

#hashtag concluding thought >> create your own; then encourage others to participate in the conversation … some I have put in play include: #boutiquemed#AHIP#healthreform#cdhc#managedcare#hospital#preferredhospitals


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February 26, 2009 at 9:16 PM

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