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Welcome to a “HealthTweep” gathering place…because sometimes you can’t get the message in “140” time.

In this blog, I intend to recap key themes or summarize relevant posts or threads if interest warrants further conversation.

One exchange today dealt with the subject of  “hashtags” (#), as a means of creating a live feed, or for archive retrieval purposes.

The conference that gave rise to the discussion was “Transforming Health Care 2009: Impact & Opportunity in the Obama Plan”. Several “tweeters” were at the event, including @ePatientDave, and @HealthBlawg, among others. All “tweeps” were posting their comments to Twitter with the “hashtag” of #THS. This “tag” embedded in their post created a live feed that one could monitor to stay current with the conference “feed”.

It was to say the least, a fascinating day with considerable insights offered.

Yesterday, there was an unbundling of various key quotes from the “ClueTrain Manifesto” which still resonates some 10 years after initial publication. I will supply those tweets later in this blog.

I post on Twitter as @2healthguru:  



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February 27, 2009 at 4:18 AM

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