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Twitstream “Link Likes” 02/27/09

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These are links supplied by various HealthTweeps today. In my experience if you’re on Twitter, and you do not have at least 10 tabs open (Chrome or FireFox),  then you are just not paying attention! So here goes (cut and paste):

“WSJ Health Blog Q&A: Mayo Clinic CEO Denis Cortese”  >> http://hex.io/afw <<

“Twitter Trumps Online Conference – Six Steps For Using Twitter For Your Conference Or Event” >>  http://hex.io/afu <<

Financial Times: “Sweet to tweet” >>  http://hex.io/aft << Feel called to blog about this one!

Matthew Holt on “Health 2.0 as a new data source” >>  http://hex.io/afx <<

Robert Wood Johnson “Taming Wide Variations in Spending Key to Health Reform” >>  http://hex.io/ag0 <<

Robert Wood Johnson “Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care: Regional Disparity in Medicare Spending” >> http://hex.io/ag1 << An Interactive Map

Please feel free to add your own.


Written by 2healthguru

February 28, 2009 at 12:58 AM

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  1. […] Fish Oils put an intriguing blog post on Twitstream quot;Link Likesquot; 02/27/09Here’s a quick excerptRobert Wood Johnson “Dartmouth Atlas of BHealth/B BCare/B: Regional Disparity in Medicare Spending”  http://hex.io/ag1 #060;#060; An Interactive Map… […]

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