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HelloHealth’s Jay Parkinson on ‘New Age’ Medical Models

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Program Note: Due to ‘technical difficulties’ the interview with Jay was disrupted and will be rescheduled shortly! This live web is a continuing experiment and the tech gremlins do tend to appear now and then. My continued apologies to Jay.

Jay Parkinson, MD, MPH, of Hello Health, joins me for a conversation on emerging alternative medical practices from Concierge, Boutique to retainer based models, including the HelloHealth strain. Jay is a pioneer in the adoption, and integration of social media tools into medical practice; and will share his insights, and vision for the promise and pitfalls of social media innovation in medicine.

Amidst the current ‘fever pitch’ buzz of health reform, there is considerable conversation about lowering health care costs, while improving both quality and access. The US health care system is at risk of implosion. Whether we look at it from the underfunded programs of Medicare or Medicaid, or the cost prohibitive employer sponsored health insurance system – which has priced iteslf out of reach absent the planned cost shifting of so called ‘high deductible health plans’ – few are happy campers; and approximately 46 million Americans are without health insurance.

We will connect the dots of emerging medical practice models to the broader health reform agenda by considering the vision and value system of one of medicine’s clear innovator’s.

Join us on June 19th, at 11 AM EDT/ 8AM PDT for a live broadcast that will also archive for later broadcast or RSS subscription to Google Reader, iTunes or other feed aggregator.


Written by 2healthguru

June 18, 2009 at 9:21 AM

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