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The ‘Through-put’ Economy of Money Driven Medicine

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OK Tweeps in the movie ‘What the Bleep‘ do we know, the line transitioning to the theme of the flick proffers:

it’s time to get wise.

Well the same holds true with respect to the ‘resistance is futile’ health care borg aka ‘the tapeworm medical industrial complex’ economy. Our health care system is at risk of collapse; with 46 million uninsured, 25 million under-insured, primary care physicians bailing on the system daily, health care premiums sky rocketing, while benefits are being reduced and cost shifted from the plan to the employee. No one is happy with this status quo, quite to the contrary of some public opinion polls that tout we have the ‘best health care system’ in the world!

Surely we have the best high tech or ‘rescue care’ medicine that can be found. But when it comes to the ‘value proposition’ the story gets a little more complicated, and requires a bit more than sound-bytes or political grandstanding to get at the truth.

Money Driven Medicine is a primer for such a rational conversation. If we thought the Senate Finance Committee hearings followed by the debate of Chairman’s mark was exhausting, just wait for what’s in store from the special interests, and their ‘Quack-er’ proxies in the Senate during the impending floor debate of the merged bills.

So why not get current and be a part of the solution? Watch Money Driven Medicine and get WISE!


Written by 2healthguru

November 22, 2009 at 1:12 PM

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