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It’s ‘Deja Vu’ All Over Again and Rick Scott ‘Has a Plan’

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That Rick Scott can go anywhere near a boardroom of a healthcare concern is a troubling fact of life in America today.

His self righteous outrage, and positioning of seemingly on-point yet fundamentally sound byte “faux issues”, is perhaps more about attempts at “blogosphere echolalia” than material engagement of health reform facts.

IMJ, this man is both a crook and a scoundrel, who has demonstrated the virtual absence of either a conscience or ethics for the “commanding heights” to which is compulsively aspires; though whether he should enjoy this legal standing is another question.

My, my, we do indeed live in the the United States of “Amnesia” if this ilk of executive can effectively recycle himself into both the corporate board room, and tragically, the national psyche as well.

The vicious attack on the public and private health care domains during his insatiable quest to be the for profit industry’s “roll-up king”, still reverberate today. The “stench” of Columbia/HCA’s tactics remain a nuanced component of other health care concerns; with only the usual suspects being caught and prosecuted.

That this man can step into the limelight and be empowered to carry a banner for a cause for even a “nano” second of legitimacy strains the mind for credulity.

See:  http://bit.ly/fVO5K for well documented context, references and citations.

Written by 2healthguru

May 29, 2009 at 11:12 AM