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Social Media Absent Context for Content, and Process: Is it Just More Noise?

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It’s been said in this ‘you the media’ culture we find ourselves, that ‘content is king’. This assertion is primarily driven from the perspective that in the digital age, coupled with the explosion of both free and premium open platforms for information delivery, that content is the essential oxygen and currency in the space.

On Tuesday, February 23rd, at 12 noon Eastern, I chat with industry observer and thought leader Phil Baumann (@PhilBaumann on Twitter) on this timely and often misunderstood topic.

As Baumann notes:

A king without a kingdom is a pawn. A kingdom without power is checkmated.

After listening and meeting companies and the agencies that want to do business with them, one theme has emerged: so many of them don’t know what to do and ultimately feel somewhat powerless against a sea of endless new media emerging. They get a few slivers of sound-bites at the myriad of conferences abounding these days, like the ePharma Summit in Philadelphia earlier this week. Overall, however, there doesn’t seem to be unifying, integrating and penetrating views propagating. Echoes mostly. That’s OK – we all need training wheels.

See Phil’s complete blog post  here: ‘Content is King – Context is Kingdom – Process is Power“.

Please join us for an exploration of ‘Patient Empowerment: Content versus Information and How They Work Together‘. Your participation is welcome via call in (347) 539-5527 or chat-room participation.


Written by 2healthguru

February 22, 2010 at 6:41 PM