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I Will License or Lease My Health Information To Providers

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This may be an idea who’s time has come and that just might develop traction in the market place of health reform ideas as HIPAA, legacy health information systems, and their closed/proprietary platforms, trip over each other, while “cloud options” represented by Google Health and Microsoft Health Vault make inroads into the growing consciousness associated with the  “e-patient” or “Health 2.0” communities.

Why not view the patient or member’s health information as “intellectual property” (IP) which he or she “licenses” or “leases” to health care providers during the care process?

After all who “owns” the data? Is it the hospital,  physician, or health plan? Or is it the patient or member assigned to or associated with one of more of those entities/providers? And just who bears the “duty of care” to protect this IP information consistent with the interests of it’s owner? 

I say it’s the member or patient. He/she is the rightful owner of the “data” or information upon which all health care providers or physicians rely in total or part in order to exercise judgement appropriate to the care process.

Unfornuately, while the rightful owner of the data or health information, the patient or member often has to jump through hoops to obtain the information to which they hold rightful title.

Let’s get this one right. Put the member/patient at the table as the principal who leases or licenses his/her information to care providers and let see what that does for the accountability movement we now associate with health reform conversations.

Your thoughts are welcome; please chime in.

Written by 2healthguru

March 26, 2009 at 9:31 PM